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The NASA Dream Team That Discovered Gravitational Waves Is Just Perfect




Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.58.32 PM




I mean come on, talk about central casting. If you closed your eyes and tried to imagine the team that has been watching outer space for the past decade waiting to see a gravitational wave this is it right? Just absolutely perfect. You got the big brained gravitational waves dude in the back with the hair (everyone is jealous of that hair). Professor X looking dude on the left, guarantee he smells like moth balls. A couple of women in pant suits that can probably spin my brain in circles. And the guy in the middle with the wonky eye. Guarantee he wears half his lunch on that tie every single afternoon. Just a stumbling bumbling doofus to the outside world, genius in the science circles. So happy for these fucking nerds. We did it guys, gravitational waves. Now what? Like what’s the next step? Or is that it, we found gravitational waves, call it a life.