World Naked Bike Ride In Chicago Was Awesome, If Biking With Naked Fat Dudes Is Your Definition Of Awesome



 (Source) “(A) fun and conspicuous event celebrating the end of the oil era and promoting positive body image. The ride’s atmosphere is extremely joyful and transcendently fun. Bicycles constitute the best solution to reducing America’s petroleum addiction and improving public health.”

-Hey bro, what are you doing on Saturday night?

-Oh nothing, maybe going to this world naked bike ride thing.

-Think they’ll be any chicks there?

-Tons. Chicks love biking.


I guess that was the conversation every guy in Chicago had the other night. Sausage fest doesn’t even describe it correctly because when someone says its a “sausage fest” they usually imply that there is at least 1 or 2 females present. This was just a good old fashioned guy’s night out. Sort of like a guy’s afternoon in, just without clothes.


promoting positive body image

Is promoting positive body image just being fat and topless? Because I do that every day then. Basically a hero.


Double PS

Rinse your eyes.