These Taxi Drivers Causing A Gridlock In Center City In Protest Of Uber Can Go Sit On A Fist Of Fire

Philly – Taxi drivers are staging another protest in Center City against the presence of the Uber and Lyft car services in Philadelphia. Using their cars and bodies, drivers are blocking traffic at 15th and Market Streets on the west side of City Hall. Some drivers are staging a sit-in in middle of the intersection in an apparent attempt to get arrested. The taxi drivers are demanding that officials stop UberX and Lyft from working in the city, saying their drivers are taking work away from them. The protest coincides with a City Council meeting at City Hall. The Philadelphia Parking Authority, which regulates car passenger service in the city, has not authorized UberX and Lyft to operate here. Taxi and limousine drivers staged a traffic stopping protest around City Hall on Dec. 17.

Uber and Lyft thank you for the free advertising and business, guys! Cause I’ll tell ya what, there’s ZERO chance I’m using a Philadelphia Taxi if I ever get caught up in this mess. Just as people who stop traffic for any other of their “moral” causes, you automatically make The List. There’s absolutely no excuse for interrupting normal people’s daily lives to get your point across. This does nothing except piss everyone off. You want to be heard? Do it logically and creatively. Like buy a few dozen cases 6-pack and hire a smut blogger to come up with a couple of “Hot Tips” degrading these pick up services and who knows? Maybe shit goes viral. Either that or be like a Union and trail every Uber/Lyft vehicle with one of those giant inflatable rats. I’m 99.9% sure whoever is the recipient of the rat is in the right but, hey, I’m gonna judge a book by its cover and assume they’re scum. ANYTHING besides causing traffic will be better. Dennis agrees.