Sweden Train Conductors Not Allowed To Wear Shorts So They Just Wear Skirts Instead



(Source) More than a dozen male train workers in Sweden have found a way to dodge the no-shorts dress code — they just wear skirts. Arriva, which operates Stockholm’s Roslagsbanan train services, reportedly forbids its employees from dressing in shorts so they look more presentable, according to The Telegraph. However, the train drivers said temperatures can climb to 95 degrees. So, for the sake of comfort, 13 men have ditched the trousers in favor of skirts.

They even have Arriva’s blessing. “To say anything else would be discrimination,” Thomas Hedenius, the company’s communications head, told the local Mitti newspaper, according to The Telegraph. A meeting will be held in September to discuss uniform regulations.


Talk about fighting the man. Way to really show them train conductors of Sweden. Oh you won’t let us wear shorts? Cool, how about we’ll all just cross dress right in your face. Look like a bunch of butch field hockey players. Yeah it may be ridiculous but guess what? Our legs are nice and cool so that’s a win. I will say though, as absurd as these guys look I’m sort of on their side. There is nothing worse than having to wear pants when its over 90 degrees. Just an absolute swamp land in your grundle and asshole region. That used to be my least favorite part of working in the real world. Summertime when you have to dress up and walk around. It already sucks that you’re working and not sitting on a rooftop pounding beers, add into the equation 10 gallons of sweat and a body temperature at roughly 1,000 degrees and its basically hell on earth. So yeah, I get these bros, if skirts are the loophole then dress me up in the prettiest skirts you have.



Love the boss Thomas Hedenius.

They even have Arriva’s blessing. “To say anything else would be discrimination,”

Translation, I hate these pussies but yeah, I would lose my job if I said that.