Serena Williams Snapchatted Her Booty In An American Flag Swimsuit And There Are No Words To Describe Its Majesty


TMZ – Serena Williams might have lost her last time on the court … but here’s more proof she’s winning in life … the RIDICULOUS crib she’s calling home while on vacay in Jamaica.

Serena’s been Snapchatting like crazy from inside the place … including the now instant classic vid of her reppin’ the USA to the fullest … in an ASSTACULAR star-spangled one piece swimsuit.


Serena Williams is obviously an incredible athlete in a way we haven’t seen a lot so everything with her is generally impressive in singular ways. And her accomplishments on the tennis court are obviously up there with anyone who’s ever played the game, male or female, and that’s how she should be remembered. But MY GOD that ass is a legacy all unto itself. The type of ass that would 100% laugh at our meager attempts at penises while doing the same amount of damage as her 130 MPH serves. And even taking the obvious sexual thoughts out, it’s an impressive ass all around, just a tribute to hard work and an athlete with a once-in-a-lifetime build. I think even if you don’t find a big booty like that attractive, you at least have to admire and appreciate that we’re lucky to behold someone so truly unique.


Also if you don’t find that attractive, shame on you. It’s Black History Month, try living a little. All I’m saying is race relations in this country would make a drastic improvement if we all agreed to spend an hour jerking off and edging to for an hour before the calendar turns to March. Understanding takes sacrifice.


PS If anything ever actually deserved to use the Black History Month Snapchat filter that white people love to use ironically, this was it