Snowboarders Are Already Eating Shit At Big Air Fenway

This has got to be the main reason why anybody would show up at something like this, right? I mean, it’s not the X Games, so it’s not like ESPN is going to be there or anything crazy like that. Or maybe they are? I honestly don’t know much about it, other than there’s a huge fucking ramp constructed in the spot where David Price is going to win 20 games this year. I’ve gone to a few concerts at Fenway Park, but I haven’t checked out any of the other sporting events yet. I would’ve loved to have been at the Winter Classic there, but you couldn’t pay me to watch soccer anywhere on earth, including Fenway Park. But if I did go to Big Air Fenway, it would totally be just to watch people wipe out. If that makes me an asshole, then I guess I’m an asshole. It’s like watching NASCAR for the crashes, or when Sonny takes Frankenstein to the park to watch the rollerbladers. You’re not there to watch them rollerblade; you’re there just hoping to see somebody take a face-first digger.