India Does It Again, Elephant Rampages Village Damaging Over 100 Buildings


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Fucking India man. What a wild ass time. Here I was thinking the rats in my alley are annoying. Every time I take out the trash I see a bunch of them scurry around back and forth and get creeped out. Well nothing like some good old perspective on life. You think you have it bad? You think your day sucks? Well you didn’t have a giant elephant wake up on the wrong side of the bed and smash your house and sit on your moped. Day in the life for India. I mean look at these people, it’s like they’re watching a street performer play Hey Jude for a couple extra bucks. Casual doesn’t begin to describe how casual that elephant attack seems.






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And if you missed it, this was yesterday. Feel like if you someone could make Animal Control in India they would be a billionaire by the end of the month.