Triumph The Insult Dog Heads Over To UNH To Teach The Kids A Lesson On Political Correctness





I can’t tell if this video is real or staged? It seems kind of real, some of those girls seem pretty sincerely disgusted and agitated by Triumph and the others appeared to be doing the “he’s being mean but smile and it’ll be fine” thing but why wouldn’t they just walk out? That’s, like, the main thing for these people, right? “You’re saying something I don’t like so I’m not listening.” Sitting there for ten minutes and taking it on the chin without organizing a protest seems suspiciously out of character. The oversensitive crowd is not exactly the types to let a puppet dog come into their safe space and fuck a knee, are they?


Plus, that one chick didn’t even know what mansplaining is! You think it’s a man getting credit for a woman’s idea? Wrong. It’s explaining something in a patronizing manner. That’s mansplaining, ya dumb bitch. (Sidenote: I hate the word mansplaining. It’s just called being an asshole. Some froofy word for it is unnecessary. If a chick acts like that, she’s an asshole. If a guy acts like that, he’s an asshole. Mansplaining is so fucking stupid.)


Nonetheless, whether real or fake, funny video that puts the “safe space” culture rightfully on blast. Just wish they gave the big man some time on the mic.


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.54.11 PM



Would love to know where his minds at. Because listen here, big fella, if you’re gonna look like a Garbage Pail kid you cannot be a “safe space” person. You seriously can’t. You’ve gotta be the fat, fun guy that everyone loves hanging around and just own it. So your two options in life are hit the gym hard, or head to a frat house that just had their “Landfill” graduate (every frat house has a “Landfill”). That’s the most valuable advice you’ll ever receive.