Chad Ochocinco Says He Used To Collect Urine From His Teammates And Soak His Foot In It To Heal His Ankle Sprains




I know the reaction was “holy shit, what an idiot”. And yes I agree, very dumb. Sticking your foot inside a bucket a of piss to fix your hurt ankle, dumb as dumb gets. But I have a question that I would like to ask without being judged. Did it work? Because that’s all that matters right. Even if it only worked as a placebo, if it made Chad feel better then it was worth it. You could give me a sugar pill right now and tell me it will make me feel stronger and I’ll take it and probably feel stronger. Do you know how many “hangover cures” I’ve tried in my life? I was once told that if you drink a diet coke before bed when you’re hammered you’ll wake up fine. Used to chug that shit at like 3 am after drinking all night, did it work? Of course not but that’s not the point, the point is I thought it worked and in a weird way thought my hangover was less severe. So if bathing in urine is the key to success and muscle recovery I’m all in. Moises Alou pissed on his hands every day and look where that got him. At all costs, at all costs.




If we’re being honest, the dudes handing over their piss to Chad Ochocinco are way weirder than the Chad for bathing in it. You don’t just give a guy your urine, I’ve seen Gone Girl, that’s how you end up being part of a framed crime scene.