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Mailtime Featuring Rosenberg

Another heavy hitter guest in 2016, your boy Peter Rosenberg came through the studio and was cool enough to give me over an hour of his time. For a dude who hosts a morning show, a late night show, 3 podcasts, and countless other jobs, thats a big deal. It was perfect timing to talk with Rosenberg, as it was just a day after Daniel Bryan’s retirement. If you’re a WWF fan you’ll enjoy his discussion about how theres never been another wrestler like him.

I asked Rosenberg to psychoanalyze me and explain why hip hop and wrestling both peaked for me in the late 90s and early 2000s. His answer was pretty straight forward and wont surprise you. We talked about new rap vs old rap, new wrestling vs old wrestling, Michael Kay vs Mike Francesa, Kanye West vs Michael Jordan and more.

Also to open todays show I broke down a list of the best and worst things that can happen to you as an athlete. The Super Bowl featured one guy riding off into the sunset with another ring while another dude potentially ruined himself with a selfish move in a big spot, so I list out the other things that can happen to pro athletes that either make or break a career.

Its an hour and 40 minutes to help you mail it in on hump day. Plug in juice up.