Chipper Jones Says The Mets Are Going To Win The 2016 World Series

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So this little dance between Chipper Jones and Mets fans continues. I dont know what to think of it. I cant figure it out. After 15+ years of Chipper Jones crushing Mets fans souls and taunting us and shitting all over us, Chipper Jones is like the number 1 Mets fan. He defended them against Utley, he cheered for them in the postseason, he dropped a “Lets Go Mets!” point blank on the radio, and now he’s picking them to win the World Series. And I really dont know how to handle it.

Its almost like someone who’s cheated on you in a relationship. Once they fuck you over that bad, like Larry did for almost 2 decades, there’s nothing you can do to make up for it. No amount of compliments or apologies can fix that. After my last blog I said I still abide by me “Fuck Chipper Jones” rule, no matter how much love he was showing for the Mets.

But now I dont know. I mean hes legit put all his eggs in the Mets basket in February. Hes right there with every Mets fan who expects to bring home a title this year. At some point can you forgive a guy thats hurt you that badly? Do people ever really “change?” Because I feel like Chipper has changed. I feel like he’s a different guy. Hes not that same asshole anymore. I feel like he really means it this time.

Am I dumb? Am I naive? Am I forgetting the hurt he caused me? Am I too forgiving? Yes. Probably yes to all of the above. But I think I’m taking the plunge anyway. I think I’m forgetting the past and I’m gonna let myself get in a relationship with Chipper Jones. It may be a quick fling. We might burn bright and crash fast. But me, Chipper and the Mets are going to have a deep love affair in 2016.