Chick In Deadlifting Competition Pukes EVERYWHERE

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.11.49 AM

You know how you know a video is excellent? When the chick deadlifting does a little pre-lift routine, pukes everywhere, and she’s not even the star of the show. The spotter in the background going from motivational speaker to on the verge of vomit is A fucking Plus.

“I can’t be around it! I can’t be around it!”

Having some dumb ass weightlifter chick projectile all over everyone and dribble her puke all down her chest is classic enough, but that reaction from the background seals the deal as a truly fantastic video. Because thats everyone. Everyone who sees puke wants to puke. When its your own puke, youre like, whatever, I puked. When its someone else’s lunch, its instant dry heaving and gagging. Puking in your own mouth and turning your head up so that gravity helps fight the battle with you. Try to swallow it down and hope you find a toilet or a trash can or a sink for the next wave which is coming in 1.2 seconds.You can almost hear him do that weird burp/gulp noise thats the precursor to the vomit. Personally I woulda just puked on top her of puke. Completely reasonable in my mind to just let it fly after some asshole throws up all over the floor.

I suppose in the world of competitive weight lifting, you gotta be ready for this sorta stuff. Maybe Weightlifting Spotter aint the gig for you, my man. If you cant handle some puke and some piss and arms snapping in half and the like, you probably should find a different hobby. Only bad things can happen to the human body when you’re trying to life an unnatural amount of weight off the ground.

(The way she tries to wipe the piss away with her foot is a legendary moment in internet history)