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This Video Of A Young(er) Dylan "D Boss" Larkin Sure Is Something

Dylan Larkin is currently in the mix of every Calder trophy discussion in the NHL. The 19-year-old has 18 goals and 20 assists in 52 games for the Red Wings so far this season. But before Larkin was a rookie phenom in the NHL, he was just a 15 or 16-year-old little shit head wearing ripped jeans, an inside-out hat and referring to himself as “D Boss” while putting on a snipe clinic in his basement. Now I can’t get on D Boss’s case too hard here because we all used to do plenty of weird shit when we were younger. Like I’m sure at one point or another, Wayne Gretzky tried recording a home video of himself ripping cheddar in his basement calling himself “Big Daddy Gretz” while wearing a pair of bell bottom jeans. It’s just that for the younger generations of superstars, all this shit ends up on the internet. So while I’m sure Larkin is getting plenty of shit in the Red Wings locker room for this video as we speak, I have to commend his efforts on being absolutely electric in front of the camera. Kid had me all types of fooled. Thought he was just a shy little rascal out there but little did I know that deep down inside that shy exterior, there’s a little D Boss just waiting to come out. And if anything, I think we need to get D Boss to do a goalie challenge with Pres in the very near future. We may have finally found a match for that glove hand.