Gotta Love This HS Special Needs Basketball Manager Who Gets Into The Game And MAKES IT RAIN

USAToday – During Franklin Road Academy’s boys basketball Senior Night in Tennessee against University School of Nashville, student manager Robert Lewis got to dress with the team. That was special in itself because Lewis has given so much to the school’s athletic department — he has served as the team manager for the soccer, football and basketball teams — and became an integral part of the school family despite Down syndrome. Yet it wasn’t enough for Lewis to dress for the game, he also got onto the court, then made the very most of his time.

Awesome stuff. You can’t hate on this kind of thing and still possess a soul. Plus, look at that stroke. Buckets all day, everyday. Does he have Up Syndrome? I wish I had the shot of Robert Lewis. Shit, so does most of the Sixers right now. The kid’s stroke is the definition of wet. Pure Chris Mullen NBA Jam fire. Good for him, even though these kinds of “Disney” things always make me nervous. It only takes one dick on the court to want to make an already great video go super viral and Mutumbo the poor kid’s ball into orbit*.

*Is it wrong to think that would kind of be hilarious in one of these things? Not saying it’s right, just to mix it up a bit. If I’m going to hell I’m taking all of you with me.