Cam Has No Apologies For His Post-Game Press Conference- "Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser"

That’s perfectly said. I love that Cam didn’t back down. He just lost the fucking Super Bowl. The biggest sporting even there is. A billion people watching. He doesn’t need to take that gracefully. Sure it would have been better for his brand or image or what have you, especially because that dead week between the championship games and the Super Bowl was filled with narrative about Cam’s attitude and demeanor and maturity and all that. But I agree with him. Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser. It’s a bit of a Trump-esque quote, but we’re talking about NFL players. Possibly the most competitive, cut throat business there is. No guaranteed contracts. People dying at 45 years old left and right because of the trauma the game causes on the body and brain. And Cam is supposed to smile for the cameras after playing shitty and losing? I have to side with him here. If my QB was smiling and high-fiving and doing cartwheels, that’d be an issue. Him being sour and pissed after losing in the Super Bowl- a game every NFL player sacrifices their entire life to get to- is a good thing. Again, he could have handled it better, but the idea that he should have smiled is blasphemous. Even Peyton himself walked off the field without giving one single handshake after losing in the Super Bowl. It’s not exactly a happy time. And if you are happy and jovial after losing, you are a loser.

PS: It’s exactly why I got mad at DeSean for smiling and horsing around with Dez Bryant right after DeSean blew the Skins/Cowboys game. At least pretend that you’re upset about losing. Don’t start cracking jokes on the 50 yard line with the Skins biggest rival right after blowing the game. I’d prefer Cam’s attitude all day every day to DeSean’s.