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BC Just Won The Beanpot In OT On An Absolutely Ridiculous Shot




Unreal game tonight. First 1-0 finish in the 64 year Beanpot history. Nonstop action all the way from puck drop to overtime, because it’s a state law that the Beanpot final goes to OT. Incredible goalie duel with Sean Maguire, in particular, playing out of his mind. Won Beanpot MVP and had 41 saves on 41 shots before this play right here and I don’t know if there’s anyone in the world who would’ve stopped that. Alex Tuch with a fucking laser from the blue line while he’s looking everybody off like a QB in the pocket? That’s not fair. You shouldn’t be able to do that. No-look snipes are so unstoppable they should be illegal, I’m making that motion on behalf of all goalies right now.



Congrats to BC though, back on top of the sports world. Who cares if football and basketball are a combined 0-18 in the ACC? Beanpot, baby.