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The Monday After The Super Bowl Sucks. Bei Bei Climbing a Tree Does Not.

My eyes are heavy, my breath still smells like 8-15 Miller Lites, football is over and done with, and that idiot Peyton Manning kissed Papa John who kills rare animals for sport. But not all hope is lost. Together we will overcome the fact we have long, cold February ahead of us. And it starts now. Bei Bei climbing a tree is exactly what I needed to push me through the afternoon. Bei Bei being all cute n shit just shimmying up that tree and then his mom helping him get down. Too freaking cute.

Reminds me of the time Bao Bao climbed the tree and wouldn’t come down and Mei Xiang spent the night outside with her. Just a great mother through and through. Unless of course you’re a little bitch. Then she’ll let your ass die.

PS: Feels like just yesterday our guy Bei Bei took his first steps. He’s getting so old!