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Bryce Wore a Redskins Hat And Hung Out With Fans At The Super Bowl

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Bryce Harper offseason update: When he’s not lifting 500 pounds (among other various workouts)

…he’s hanging out at the Super Bowl, yucking it up with some fans.

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Love that he’s wearing a Redskins hat. Everyone knows Bryce grew up in Vegas and therefor is a Cowboys fan. I can’t fault him for that. Lots of people have random favorite teams as kids (Pres was a die hard Vikings fan, I loved the Bengals, for example). But now Bryce is slowly turning his tide to a Skins fan and we accept him how Scott Stapp would.

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PS: A lot of people tryna chirp the thumb ring. This dude died his hair platinum white. He won the MVP at 22 years old. He’s going to win the triple crown next year. If he wants to wear a thumb ring, a lip ring, a cock ring, don’t caaaaaaaaaare. Bryce doesn’t follow fashion, he is fashion.

PS: This is cool. And they have The Rock too.

Anyone want to guess what I bought UA at?

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(Hint: It was last week)

At least I still have TWTR to fall back on.

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This was a fun article everyone emailed me last week. Preciate y’all!

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