Quick Shoutout To The Old Guy Still Rocking His Face Off At The Super Bowl Halftime Show




Age is just a number, baby! Sometimes you do a periscope smoking weed for all the college kids, and sometimes you dance your face off to a little Coldplay surrounded by a bunch of teenagers. I have no idea how this guy got picked to be in the “crowd full of youthful exuberance and love” but fuck it. Forever young, that’s not a song for nothing, people.



Related, what did people think about the halftime show? I felt like it was all over the place. I mean I’m not a Coldplay hater or anything, some of the songs they make are catchy, but I also don’t need some English dude running around with flowers in his hair during the biggest American sporting event telling us “We’re all in this together”. Get out of here with that shit. And as for Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars just did the same song he does every year for the past 5 years while Beyonce was good but it was also really awkward to be dancing on the field in high heels, not only for her but everyone else who was thinking how shitty the field already was. All in just a bizarre halftime show. Just pick one awesome act and run with it. It’s like quarterbacks. If you have 2 quarterbacks you have no quarterbacks. If you have 3 halftime performers you have no halftime performers. I’d rather see them get the entire show themselves then split it up in some sort of weird dance battle. Except Coldplay, I don’t need Coldplay telling me to give peace a chance while I have a stomach full of diarrhea and a prop card with a bunch of losses. That’ll never be a good scene.