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World's Fastest Rugby Player Gets Cleaned Up In A Hit That Should Shatter The Average Human Body

Link To The Saucing

BOOM. This dude could have the coveted 99’s across the board in Agility/Speed/Acceleration for Madden ratings, but none of it helps when you run directly into a tank. Hey, ref, I know this is a violent sport, but maybe ya could’ve seen if he was in one piece before essentially stepping over his corpse? Also, English commentating blows American announcing out of the fucking orbit. These chaps are calling a standard rugby match and they are throwing out quotes equivalent to Dickens. A hell of a lot more eloquent than any sentence Phil Simms attempts to put together. Key word: Attempts.

I’d like to consider myself a man’s man, but there’s ZERO chance I’d ever step foot on the pitch with these animals. Getting boomed to the moon by bulldozers left and right isn’t exactly my cup of tea outside of playing Kill The Man With The Ball on the schoolyard. This isn’t 5th grade where it’s impossible to get injured in a full-speed, head on collision with a fellow 90-lb Nope. Put me out there for 10 minutes and it would be naptime for the next 10 months like this chap from earlier in the year.

“Here’s a clever little kick….OOOO dear! Not so clever now.”

Um, yeah. FUCK that. Sunshine had no business being on the pitch in the first place let alone running full speed towards that dump truck. That’s a guaranteed way to start rocking the still-Thriller on the ground while taking a nap for 4-6 weeks. Still though, for as much shit as we give pussy Europeans and soccer players overall, Rugby and Aussie Rules Football players may be the toughest motherfuckers in the sports world. If this guy’s brain is still connected to his spine you better believe he’ll be back out there as soon as they find all of his teeth.