While Other Teams Are Busy Winning Championships, The Eagles Are Looking To Bring Back Nick Foles


There. Are. No. Words.


I simply can not fathom what this franchise is doing. Howie was the GM that led this team into the 4-12 shitter in 2012, so I guess it makes perfect sense to get that band back together? Fuck it. Who needs success when you’ve got it made in the shade directly under the left nut of the owner? Might as well bring in anyone and everyone who you know won’t stir up shit with the organization. Bring all of the Dream Team back for a second shot to dance. Vince Young. Cullen Jenkins. Hell, I think I already spotted Nnamdi Asomughar eating lunch by himself in the parking lot of the Novacare today. I fundamentally don’t understand.

And this isn’t a knock against Nick Foles. He was a great dude who had success here in Philadelphia. You can’t deny the 27-2 year was one of the greatest performances out of any player in Eagles history. However, that was in a mega QB-friendly system that was taking the league by storm. Put him in a Ho-Hum system like he was in St. Louis and you don’t even get an average quarterback – You have someone who gets benched behind Case freaking Keenum. Think about that. But I guess below average, 29-year-old career backup Chase Daniel could really provide a spark for this team to win a Super Bowl, too. He’s a real “System Guy” who can run Doug Pederson’s patented assisted 27th best offense in the NFL to a T. Then there’s always the QB formerly known as Sanchize to

I will go on the record till the day I die they needed to franchise Sam Bradford. He is by FAR the best option at QB out there. Now we’re going to be stuck with an average at best signal caller and probably a “Project” guy we reach for in the draft that won’t amount to dick. Now watch Sam Bradford link up in a spot like Houston where he actually is given a chance to succeed and become a power player in the NFL. Why? Because that’s the Philly way. It wouldn’t shock me if he ended up in SF and him with Chip beat Andy Reid’s Chiefs in Super Bowl 51 while we’re over here left with Nick Fold’s massive hammer in our hands.

I hate this team.