Who Wins In a Race - A Rehabbing Steve Smith, Or a Fat Barstool Banks?

It all started with that tweet. Banks challenging Steve Smith to a race. Not really sure where it came from, I’m pretty sure there’s context behind it, but everyone know Banks is Steve Smith’s biggest fan.

Not one to be talked smack to, SSS replied like so:

And Steve Smith hasn’t forgotten about it. Fast forward to 1:40…

Steve Smith is very proud of that spelling bee line. But I don’t think he’s right about it being pointless. Banks is fat and disgusting. Steve Smith is a professional athlete. Sure he just ripped his achilles to pieces a few months ago, but this would be a good test for it. Banksy’s dumb ass going one on one with Mr. Smith. And easy money has to be on the Sr. You could chop off one of his legs and I’d still bet against Banks.

PS: His 19 month old could still win the Barstool spelling bee. Hundo P.