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Blink 182 Has Started Posting Pictures And Videos From The Studio Where They Are Recording a New Album

Something to get you excited on a slow Friday afternoon. Something that tells you, “hey mate, everything will be a-ok”. Did Dave Mirra kill himself yesterday? Yes. RIP. Am I a borderline alcoholic at this point who thinks constantly about how I can mix Bloody Marys and RBVs into one delicious cocktail of death? Absolutely. But what did I just say? Oh yea, “hey mate, everything will be a-ok” because Blink 182 is recording a new album. Sure it’s without Tom, but 2 out of the 3 pieces ain’t bad. And what was Tom even bringing to the band at this point anyway? Purposely slurring his words and mispronouncing every lyric got old pretty quick, and it’s not like he was making up for it with good song writing. Sure it’s not going to be the same without him, because when he’s focused and on top of his game his voice is what defines Blink, but I can be #OptimisticNate and say that as long as Mark and Travis are still there, this is going to be good.