Exclusive Footage Of Pres After He Smoked Weed But Didn't Inhale Last Night




Just kidding. I thought Dave handled himself well as he smoked weed in front of thousands of people on Periscope. That video right there is my worst nightmare though. Even scarier than getting blasted off Rumple Minze on a Thursday night and waking up in jail with zero recollection of the events that brought me there. It’s why I can never work up the courage to do mushrooms. Because I know that’ll be me. And I’m sure that fella is on something more intense than mushrooms but still.  It doesn’t matter. I’ll be the guy who has the worst trip in the history of mushrooms, freaks the fuck out and ends up picking his butt in the nude on top of a cafe counter while some poor lady screams in horror from the break room. I just know it. And it’s because of these exact thoughts I’m having right now in this blog. You’re supposed to go into mushrooms with a clear head and no bad thoughts. I can’t do that. I’d take mushrooms and instantly start thinking about how I’m gonna end up on the local news for nakedly rolling over the top of cars in traffic. Then it’d happen. No thanks.


PS- Did they call in the SWAT team on that dude? He’s a naked guy who took too much and let the bad thoughts seep in. Not Osama bin Laden.