David Price Donated $300,000 To Build A 'Miracle Field' For Children With Special Needs

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Red Sox ace David Price, and his foundation Project One Four, have donated $300,000 to build a Miracle Field in Price’s hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The baseball field is being built right near the same spot where Price grew up playing baseball as a little kid. Per the Red Sox press release, Miracle Fields are “rubberized baseball fields designed for children and young adults with special needs.” The baseball field will be wheelchair accessible, and is expected to be ready by 2017. More from the Red Sox:

In addition to the rubberized baseball diamond, whose cushioned surface allows children in wheelchairs and walkers to better maneuver and participate in the game, the new outdoor complex will include a practice field, a plaza, and a Boundless Playground designed to eliminate barriers for children with disabilities.

This is obviously a tremendously generous gesture from Price, confirming all the great things Red Sox fans have heard about him since he signed with Boston. Since its inception in 2008, Price’s foundation has raised nearly $500,000 to support community programs and organizations that “promote growth in youth through learning life skills in a safe supportive environment.”

As part of my recruiting David Price to Boston efforts, I donated to Price’s foundation in November. Now that he’s here, we should all consider donating a little something to Price’s foundation because they do awesome stuff like this.