Indians Double-A Affiliate Announces Willie Mays Hayes Bobblehead Night

The bobblehead game is on fire right now. Every team is trying to outdo one another, taking it to the next level with each and every bobblehead.

Earlier this week, we saw the Texas Rangers unveil their Adrian Beltre bobblehead, complete with removable helmet for head-patting. The Red Sox announced a David Ortiz bobblehead that talks, which they’ll be giving away on August 9. Well, shout out to Mike Oz over at Big League Stew for sharing that the Akron Rubber Ducks (Double-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians) will be giving away Willie Mays Hayes bobbleheads on June 25. They have yet to reveal what they will look like, but it should be noted that the team’s official website refers to it as “Willie Mays Hayes Bobble Legs” and not a bobblehead. I don’t even know what that means, but I need it.