Two British People Have The Most Polite Road Rage Incident Ever Recorded



What the hell was that?  I’m confused. No punches thrown? No knives?  No insults?  Not even a single swear word spoken?  What a bunch of pussies they’ve got across the pond. That situation was ripe for a fist fight that never happened. I honestly bet these two people are still sitting at a standstill. No one has moved but no one has threatened anybody either. Just sitting in their cars, drinking tea and revving their engines. The English accents make it even better. I’ve said it before but I could listen to British people all day long. Pres and KFC once argued whether Ricky Gervais was only funny because of his accent. I don’t think that’s true but it surely doesn’t hurt. English accents are hands down the coolest sounding accent. Think about if this road rage incident had taken place anywhere else in the world.  If this had taken place in America there would’ve been at least two guns pulled, a baseball bat and there’d be dead body laying in the street. The UK better hope their enemies don’t see this video.  You can’t have your foes knowing you’re not even willing to thrown down in a traffic dispute.