I'm Sure Donovan McNabb's Reddit AMA Is Going To Go Swimmingly

Yup, I bet these questions should be GREAT. Do you think going to prison for a DUI is a good look for Donovan McNabb and his career as an NFL analyst? Does puking on the field in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl cement one’s legacy? Do you need Mama Wilma to bring down Chunky Soup to refill in between overtimes in the regular season? I actually feel bad for the guy. The dude just has to take a break from Twitter/Reddit/Life for awhile, or at least till he puts the drink down.

We’re going to count maybe 6,000+ individuals treating Jailbait Donny like their own personal ragdoll. It’s sad, really. It’s not like #5 is throwing out hot takes left and right, anyways. And it’s a damn shame too because, as much as people think Philly fans hate on McNabb, I love the damn guy and what he did for this city. The dude was an outright baller who only was the greatest QB in franchise history. We don’t hate him for his game or what he did, we hate him for his damn stupidity and Laissez Faire approach. Not to mention smiling after throwing diggers to wide open receivers 5 yards away gets old after the billionth time. But he’s gotta take a break to get his life together, for his sake. You can revisit how far the mighty has fallen in his sad, sad DUI arrest video:

Cough syrup? It’s a shame #5 to pretend he went the Purple Drank/Flaming Moe route to hide his obvious alcohol problem. The cop was giving him basically every chance to prove he’s with it and McNabb slurs his way right into cuffs. At least throw out your stats and give yourself a fighting chance.

Pro Tip: When the cop who suspects you’re hammered asks where you’re coming from, don’t say “The parking lot right over there”. Gotta think of a better answer than that, Donny. Next take some tips from fellow professional booze hound, Homer J.

PS – The best AMA or #Ask on Twitter was when Pat Burrell was about to be enshrined into the Phillies Wall Of Fame and did a #ChatWithPat. Revisit that day for a few dozen chuckles here. Glorious.