I Am Still Dateless For The LiftED Project's Giant Charity Gala On Saturday Night And That Needs To Change ASAP

CLICK HERE TO GET A TICKET FOR Boston, DC, NYC, Denver, SF, or Seattle


Single women and confused young men, identify yourselves. You want a free place at the table to this all out booze fest gala on Saturday night? Let’s go. The best way to do so is prove to me you got a couple of friends to buy tickets (Only $85 for a 5-hr open bar and delish food. For real. Find me a better deal for a 5-hour liquor fest with smokes galore and I’ll kiss your grits). Do that and BAM! I’m yours for the night. Anything goes. Other than that, the only requirements are that you can handle your booze and maybe iron my shirt before the night out. Apparently hanging it up in the bathroom while putting the hot shower on full blast doesn’t work as a grown adult.

As I stated yesterday: As fate would have it, I fucking stupidly purchased a non-refundable ticket and realized I’m on the damn board and can get in already stumbled upon an extra ticket into the party of the year this Saturday, 9-2 at The Arts Ballroom (13th and Locust). So why not open it up to a lucky Stoolie or Stoolette to enjoy the festivities? And yes, this is for guys and gal alike. Even though life would be a trillion times easier, I am not switching teams mid-way through the season (Translation: I’m not gay, Mom, so stop asking), this night is about 2 things and 2 things only: Charity and balcuzzis fun. I want someone to join that will be a plus to the party and can keep up with the night. Think you got what it takes to get nuts? Shoot an email to Phillytips@barstoolsports.com, Tweet at me @SmittyBarstool, or fire over the most creative Snap to Smitty1581.

As for The LiftEd Project, it’s a charity run by Stoolies for amazing causes. For $85 you get to eat, drink (Again, 5-HR TOP SHELF OPEN BAR BITCHES), and party your face off with some great people for a better cause. 13th and Locust at The Arts Ballroom is the location to report for mayhem.

And honestly, this is your duty as a reader of this site and general human being. The LiftEd Project was created by a couple of Stoolies to do great things for kids around the country. Everything from Make-A-Wish, education, healthcare – Basically anything that helps the less fortunate children The LiftEd Project tries to help. Now, this is different from your average cause and movement. Why? Because these guys throw an absolute BANGER to raise the money and this year there are parties going down in most Barstool cities.


Philly, Boston, NYC, DC as well as Denver and SF will be hosting a party the Saturday before the Super Bowl in 2016 (Feb 6th). Basically it’s just a bunch of young professionals and Stoolies getting together, black tie it up at a location wayyyyy to fancy for any one of us, absolutely rage out, and raise cash and awareness for a great cause. Win-win-wins all around. All the money goes to to charities chosen directly.

That’s all for now, but for real, this is a great event run by great people for a better cause. Do your Stoolie duty, get involved, and let’s drink until I don’t feel sad about moving back to that city of shit.