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JaMarcus Russell To Tryout With Bears, Oh Fuck Yeah



(Source) Former Oakland Raiders No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell gets his first shot at returning to the NFL on Friday when he visits the Chicago Bears for a workout that will include three other quarterbacks, according to an NFL source with knowledge of the situation.

Having shed a reported 50 pounds in recent months, Russell has drawn interest from multiple teams, including the Bears, who would like to obtain a current evaluation of the quarterback. Initially, the Bears weren’t interested in taking a look at Russell, and one source believed nobody in the NFL would take the quarterback’s comeback seriously until he shed a significant amount of weight. That doesn’t mean a signing would be imminent if Russell produced a strong performance during the workout. With three quarterbacks already on the roster in Jay Cutler, Josh McCown, and Matt Blanchard, the Bears are contemplating whether they want to bring in a fourth quarterback to take to training camp. Currently, the team likes what it already has on the roster, and isn’t looking to bring in a fourth quarterback. Given the fluidity regarding personnel around the league, the team could change its mind.


How sneaky is Phil Emery? All offseason long he’s been dispelling the rumors that the Bears had their eye on JaMarcus Russell. Playing coy, close to the vest. Let all the other teams take their time thinking their is no sense of urgency when it comes to signing a 300 lb quarterback that flamed out years ago. Ha. Suckers. Now he’s all ours. Left Tackle, defensive line, goal line running back, quarterback, whatever, when you look up JaMarcus Russell’s position on his scouting report its just says ATH, Athlete.


In all honesty, if JaMarcus Russell gets a try out I should too right? Out of all the crazy things I have thought/said, that’s not even top 100