Gillian Anderson Looks As Good As Ever In X-Files Reboot

Prolly not a suprise here, Im a big sci-fi guy. Most likely stems from my vitriolic hate for the world we actaully live in, as it provides an escape from reality. I assume my love for the genre was born or forced on me because my grandparents used to watch it on vhs when I would visit them on the weekends. My love for Gillian Anderson aka Dana Scully was born from an early age. So the fire still burns for her just like Xena, Brooke Burke, and Girls Gone Wild Tapes.

So, for the uninitiated, X-Files pulled a reboot recently. Bringing a long lost love back into my life, looking better than ever. Glad to see all her special hollywood magic that keeps people getting sexier as they age wasnt all used up during Hannibal





This is a real slippery slope here as I already have an older women fetish. So now I have to deal with the thought of a sexy 47 year old Scully with perfect collar bones all day. Might go through a whole roll of bounty.

Oops, fell down the rabbit hole