The Only Thing Worse Than Two Flight Attendants Getting In a Fight Is The Pilot Landed The Plane Because Of Them

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WTOP - Delta Air Lines is apologizing to passengers after a confrontation between two flight attendants last month led pilots to make an unscheduled landing halfway through the trip. The airline says the actions of the crew members didn’t reflect the professionalism expected of employees. The Aviation Herald, a website that tracks accidents and other incidents involving planes, said Delta flight 2598 was headed from Los Angeles to Minneapolis on Jan. 22 when two flight attendants got into a fist fight and the captain decided to land in Salt Lake City. The Herald said the plane stayed on the ground for more than an hour before resuming the flight to Minneapolis.

For the most part, I hate flight attendants. The ones who simply do their jobs without any frills or celebrations are generally fine, but that’s about 5% of them. The rest of them stink. They make it all about themselves all the time, as if we wouldn’t know how to buckle a seatbelt without them. The mid-40’s woman starts singing about exit rows on the intercom, and then the dullards start laughing and clapping along and I want the brown guy in seat 32B to fly us into the nearest mountain. So for two flight attendants to then get in a fist fight, probably over who gets to pour people 3 splashes of coke into a tiny cup full of ice, is pure bullshit. Push your stupid cart down the aisle, charge me 6 dollars for a vodka tonic, and shut the fuck up.

But I get it, fights at the job happen. The pilot, for no reason, should have landed that bird though. Let them battle it out to the death for all I care. The pilot landing is worse than the flight attendants fighting. You can’t let them win. It’s like in school when 1 kid would act up and the entire class was punished. If you get on a plane in LA and then land in Salt Lake City because some adults were throwing fists, you should never have to pay for a flight again. The pilot needs to take control of his crew, but also get all his passengers to Minneapolis on time. Can you imagine getting somewhere an hour late because two idiots whose only job is to remind you that your seat is also a floatation device got in a cat fight? C’mon pilot, be better.