Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Bet 5.9 Million On The Heat -7 Tonight

God I hope this is true. I really do. But knowing Floyd we will have no idea unless the Heat actually cover -7, because that’s the type of guy he is. Always waiting until after he wins to tell everyone that he won. Everyone has that friend. The guy that says he didn’t bet the game then with 2 minutes left tells everyone at the bar he had 1,000 dollars on the winning team. Same guy that tells everyone he only fucks 10’s even though no one has ever seen him bring a girl home. Or your friend who is a professional boxer and only fights people he knows he can beat so he never has to lose. Well fuck that. Put your foot in the sand for once Floyd. Go out on a limb. I need to know before tip. I want to see Floyd Mayweather with a picture of his betting ticket, today’s newspaper and a government issued ID like one of those borderline age appropriate chicks on casting couch. Then I’ll believe this. Not a moment sooner.
thanks to sam for the tip