A Woman Pulled Over A Cop To Lecture Him For Speeding And Filmed The Whole Thing


I’ll say up front that I respect the balls on this lady even if I think she’s annoying as hell with playing hallway monitor here. She’s definitely the type who’ll send a meal back three times or make an entire line wait 20 minutes to make sure her coupons have been marked off correctly at the supermarket, but you have to respect her getting results like that.


At the same time though, I thought the cop handled it beautifully. There is literally no reason for this lady to be such a pain in the ass about traffic laws and also obnoxiously film it so everyone can watch and go “Yeah Marge, you got ‘em!” She’s obviously just got nothing going on in her life and something like this gives meaning because by golly she’s Making A Difference while also clearly getting off on the whole “turning the tables on a cop” thing. And this cop treated her exactly like this deserved, like a little kid with a toy badge. Nodding along, making her feel like she is so correct even though she’s wasting his time and maybe even keeping him from important police work. This lady left the encounter thinking she put him in his place when in reality watching this video you can feel the disdain for her coming off the screen. Usually in these situations, you want to side with the person and not the cop but Encyclopedia Brown here did a good job that made me empathize way more with the struggle of a cop in 2016 than ever intended.