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This Old Picture Of Tony Kornheiser And Michael Wilbon Is My Everything


I am not sure why, but I love this picture so much.  It’s like seeing photos of your parents from before you were born and forgetting that they had a life before they traded in all their fun, money and happiness to raise you and any siblings you may have.  Stat Boy wasn’t even a twinkle in their eyes back then.  Just a couple of scribes living the life.  No crazy technology for Tony to fear.  No bloggers in their parents basement for Wilbon is lament about.  Just good, honest writing going on (and by the way they look, a decent amount of heartbreaking in my opinion).

And that hat is so Kornheiser it hurts.  I love that Tony is still as fucked up (in a good way) as ever, but it sucks that Wilbon has kind of become a curmudgeon as he has gotten older.  However, if I lost a perfectly solid head of hair, I’d probably be a tad bitter as well.  Those two definitely dominated the scene at at the Washington Post during the 80s like a journalistic version of Bunk and McNulty.  Covering the world of sports during the day and solving crimes while cleaning up the vile underbelly of D.C. at night.  The WaPo Whoppers is what the ladies called them back then (probably).

Also, this: