Chicago Introduces The Traffic Scramble, The Solution To All The Pedestrians Getting Smoked By Cars



(Source) People began walking diagonally through a busy downtown Chicago intersection today, part of an experiment to provide extra breathing room between vehicles and pedestrians. The changes center on a new pedestrian crossing pattern, dubbed the “pedestrian scramble,” that was introduced at the intersection of State Street and Jackson Boulevard. The goals include giving pedestrians a head start crossing streets and therefore reducing conflicts between pedestrians and turning vehicles, officials said.

The test involves stopping all vehicles — heading east on Jackson and north and south on State — for 35 seconds every third traffic light cycle to let pedestrians cross in all directions, including diagonally. The test got underway at 10:17 a.m., and some pedestrians cheered and hooted in celebration as they crossed at State and Jackson. Still, there was some skepticism of how the experiment will go, at least at first. “How many ambulances will be here today?” asked pedestrian Beverly Hadley, 57, a paralegal who works downtown. “People will get confused. My concern is the drivers more than the people crossing. I know it works well on paper and in Europe, so we’ll just have to see.” The State and Jackson intersection averages about 41,600 pedestrians and 20,500 vehicles, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation. The experiment will last several months and, based on results, could become permanent at that location.


A scramble. That’s what is going to fix everyone getting smashed by cars? Something called a pedestrian scramble, where everyone walks in every direction with no real rhyme or reason? K.


Actually, who am I to judge, like Beverly Hadley said, it works on paper and in Europe, what more does anyone need? Those are literally the two strongest case studies anyone could ever have. A study done by a traffic specialist and a bunch of Europeans leisurely strolling through a crosswalk, sign me up, no way this one fails.



some pedestrians cheered and hooted in celebration”

People real jazzed up about crosswalks these days I guess.