Does This Look Like The Face Of A Chicago Man Arrested For Having Sex With A Pitbull?

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(source) A 50-year-old man who had been on a tour at the city pound was charged with having sex with a pit bull, prosecutors said in court today. Gerardo Perez, of the 2500 block of West 38th Street, was charged with having sexual conduct with an animal, a felony, and burglary, according to police. Perez was arrested after he and a group took a tour of the Chicago Animal Care and Control Facility at 2741 S. Western Ave. on May 29, prosecutors said. After the man broke off from the tour group, an employee of the facility spotted him going into a restricted area, prosecutors said. After the employee told the man to leave the restricted area, the man left but returned a short time later.

When the employee returned, he found the man inside the restricted area again and inside a cage with a white and grey pit bull, prosecutors said. The employee found the man on his hands and knees on the side of the dog, and it appeared the man had just had sexual contact with the animal, prosecutors said. The man made “inculpatory statements regarding sexual conduct with the dog” to several employees of the facility, police said. After the man gave his license to a security guard at the facility, the police arrested him at his home on Friday, police said. The burglary charge involved his being in the restricted area of the facility, according to court officials.



First of all, fuck Gerardo Perez. Special place in hell for anyone that messes with dogs let alone has sex with them. Go jerk off in a Wal-Mart or something if you want to be a social deviant, but leave dogs alone. Second of all, Is having sex with a pitbull the scariest thing a person can do? I honestly can’t think of anything more terrifying. Insane to have sex with a dog, absolutely psychotic to pick the meanest, toughest dog in the kennel. I would say I hope Gerardo Perez gets his ass kicked in prison but I don’t think he’s too worried about that. Once you have sex with a pitbull I’m pretty sure nothing in life scares you. It’s like the girl on your facebook feed that moves to San Diego with no friends just to prove to the world she can “make it on her own”, that once she lives by herself nothing in the world can stop her. Same thing here, once you fuck a pitbull, nothing in the world scares you. Hate you for that Gerardo Perez, that and the whole having sex with a dog thing.