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Protester Throws Tomatoes At Trump During Iowa Rally


The parallels between Barstool Sports and Donald Trump continue. How do these protestors not realize they’re just giving this man more material? They’re doing his job for him. Making his campaign easier. The more people protest and the more they take shots, the more entertaining Trump gets. You wanna throw tomatoes at me?? Go ahead. I’ll kick your ass out like its the Celebrity Apprentice while my crowd goes wild. You wanna say “Heil Trumpler!” and say I’m racist? Go for it, because when the cameras turn to you they show just how enormous all my crowds are. Trump rallies and speeches are like a WWF bit and the more drama and the more jokes, the more enjoyable it all is.

Its honestly just like when the internet losers try to come after Barstool. Convinced they’re going to take us down with some stupid protest or silly antics and dont even realize they make it ten times worse for themselves. Do you really think throwing a tomato at Donald Trump is going to do anything? All that does is give Trump the opportunity to call you a loser, crack a joke, and rile up his fan base even more. Legit exactly what we do when someone tries to take us down. These protestors always want to play in the mud with guys like Trump or Portnoy but you gotta realize that nobody gets dirtier than them. You just give them more ammo and fuel the fire even worse. Antics like that only make them stronger.

Only difference being we’re just a smut site for entertainment and Trump is actually going to end up running the goddam country. Dark, scary, dangerous times for this country when guys like Barstool and Trump wield all the power.

PS – One of the funniest Youtube comments Ive ever seen:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.14.46 AM