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DC Got Freaky On PornHub During The Blizzard


Mashable - Some people bake cookies, read, watch a movie. I guess one could argue Washington, D.C., was watching movies…technically. During the record-breaking snowstorm that slammed the northeast U.S. this past weekend, it seems many folks passed the time practicing self-love. PornHub released data exposing Washington, D.C., as the region that logged on to watch the most porn during the blizzard.

Ohhhh get some DC, get some! Porn increase through the roof during the blizzard. Some people catch up on Netflix, some people chill, looks like DC pulls the rope and clicks the mouse better than any other city. Proud of us. Though I’m a bit angry at the analytics team over at PornHub. I’m not exactly going to crown them the new 538blog because obviously DC got way more snow than the other cities, so of course people were jerking off/having kinky porn watching sessions with bae more than anywhere else. We had a once in 100 year blizzard, did it even snow in New York?

Now this is more interesting:

PH - Last but not least is the nation’s capital. In Washington traffic was up consistently through both Friday and Saturday, but we found the biggest increase of nearly 90% happened from 4am to 5am on Sunday Morning. It increased again by 65% at around 1pm on Sunday, and then the same jump around 10pm on Sunday that we saw in the other three cities.


90% increase over a regular Sunday morning at 4-5am. Hilarious because that Saturday was one of the drunkest nights of the year, with everyone just day drinking their faces off then heading out to the bars. Looks like a lot of people struck out, took them forever to get home, and then fired up the ol’ PornHub before waking up at 1pm and doing it again.