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Chicago Family Awarded 1.3 Million Dollars After Botched Circumcision Leaves Son With 60% Of His Dick



(Source) In 2007, one Chicago family underwent a nightmare at Northwestern hospital: their newborn son’s circumcision went awry, with a doctor amputating the tip of the boy’s penis. According to a lawyer for the family, Dan Kotin, the doctor missed three safety procedures that should have been followed. According to Kotin, the boy lost “the top 40 percent of the head of his penis.”

 The doctor’s attorney argued that this was a predictable complication of circumcision, to which Kotin responded, “If that were a known complication to a circumcision procedure, I suggest to you that nobody would dare have a circumcision done because it would be too risky.” The jury awarded the family $1.3 million in damages.


First of all. Any man who can read “amputating the tip of the penis” without squirming is not a man at all. Chills directly down my spine. Second, this brings up a fairly good hypothetical. Would you get 40% of your penis head chopped off for 1.3 million dollars (for sake of this argument lets say cash, after taxes). Take all pain out of the situation, because this kid won’t remember what happened when he was 1 week old, so with zero pain, tomorrow morning, would you suddenly wake up with 60% of the average dick head and 1.3 million dollars in your pocket? I am trying to think of all the reasons why I would save half of my penis but I’m drawing a blank. Money is just too important. And it’s not like I’m Evan Stone or Lex Steele, my penis isn’t the star of any show nor will it ever be. So gun to my head I just think I have to take the 1.3 million. Being the rich guy (relatively speaking) with the weird dick is a lot better than being the poor guy with his normal average penis.


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If the question was, what is the dollar amount to lose 100% of your penis I don’t think there is a number. As crazy as that sounds. Even for 1 billion dollars. What would be the point in being a billionaire if you had no dick? Honestly.