Craigslist Ad Of The Day - Anyone Want Some Breast Feeding Videos?


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3 videos of me pumping breast milk, hand expressing and feeding baby. Great for new moms learning to breast feed or any one that enjoys the beauty of breast feeding. Caution: contains nudity.


This is one of those, don’t piss on my shoulders and tell me its raining situations. Listen lady. We can all sit here and pretend you’re making breast feeding videos for new mother’s to learn proper hand expression and pumping techniques. OR, you can cut the bullshit, get rid of the middle man and upload these videos to Youjizz and be a good member of society. And no I’m not saying I want to watch these videos, but sometimes people get curious, whatever.


How about just throwing your kid’s face up on the internet sucking on a nipple all for a few bucks? Serious hustle.


h/t alex