Why The HELL Is Owner Jeffrey Lurie At The Senior Bowl Week Practices To "Look At The Players"?!?!?!

You wanna know what? I've warmed up to Doug Pederson a bit. Sure, the Eagles FO royally screwed the pooch and I'd still rather have anyone else (Chip Kelly for 1 more year), but I'm gonna give Doug a fair shot. Especially since literally every single player that's every been under him loves the guy. Plus Chandarack West thinks he runs the offense better than Big Red and calls him Doug P. Easy:

Shit, I even will give Howie credit as a sheer numbers guy. He should stay the FUCK away from evaluating talent (will never happen now), but it's evident with the Ertz and Celek contracts he is good with cooking the books.

However, Jeffrey Lurie becoming this intimate with pure football decisions is scary. In fact, it's downright frightening. Owners getting involved in this capacity hasn't worked out in modern day football. Yeah you had your Al Davis's and Jerry Jones's in their prime, but how about the last 20 years? Just ask Washington if this kind of intrusiveness from corporate guys in the front office is a good thing. And while we're on it, Jeff, WHERE IS THAT PLAYER PERSONNEL GUY YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO HIRE ASAP? Oh, yeah, looks like that's been swept under the rug as Howie is in charge. You couldn't even hire a plant to pretend he's in charge? Lurie and Howie making all the decisions will be the downfall of this team, and for that I apologize to Good Guy Doug. He's toast before he even gets into the kitchen.