Kanye West Ethered Wiz Khalifa On Twitter













Lots of Twitter hate coming from KFC lately, but as someone that is completely addicted to Twitter, seeing this beef made me happy. Because there isn’t another site/app on the world that could have a beef explode like this so quickly. I still don’t understand how their stock is worth less than used toilet paper. But that’s beside the point.

When it comes to Kanye vs. Wiz, I am blindly Team Kanye. Sure I miss the music of College Dropout Kanye. But this Kanye is on another planet. “Waves is going to be the best album ever”. “I am the best that’s ever made music”. The guy is off his rocker (except the “Wiz wears cool pants” line. Spot on). And being a part of the Evil Kardashian Empire has turned Kanye into even more of a real life wrestling personality. Kinda like Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock. Not a good guy or a bad guy, but an always entertaining maniac. And going crazy over a complete misunderstanding is vintage Kanye. But it doesn’t matter because he can still cause the Internet to lose it’s mind every time he scribbles on a piece of fucking looseleaf.

So if Kanye killing people is what’s needed to save Twitter, sign me up. I just hit 10k followers and I’m not ready to move on to the next social media site yet.

Also, if Kanye had tagged a couple of tweets with #BellLetsTalk, I’m pretty sure he would have raised a few million dollars. Now do you think Wiz or The Cauldron will report Kanye to Twitter for offensive tweets? And while this was fun, don’t forget that the rappers of hip hop’s golden age (the 90s) weaponized weapons, not social media.