Mailtime With Craig Carton

Craigy stopped by the studio to mail it in for an hour. We talked about a lot of things. His feud with Francesa and the mysterious missing audio taking shots at Boomer and Carton that was deleted from Mike’s show, why Boomer hates my guts, did we really land on the moon, which of the famous explorers was truly the greatest, and a lot more. Carton has always been a long time, big time supporter of the Stool so thanks to him for taking the time to come on the show and shoot the shit with me.

Also check out Carton’s foundation to help out kids with Tourettes. Craig said they are actually on the verge of announcing they’ve found some sort of a cure to actually stop Tourette’s tics so they are doing fantastic work there.

Their next event is on the Perfect Storm of March 17th – St. Patricks Day and the first day of the NCAA Tournament. Get your tickets and help support a good cause