Matador In Hot Water For Bullfighting With His 5 Month Old In The Ring - Daily Mail

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Spain – One of Spain’s most famous matadors is under investigation after he posted a picture of himself fighting a bull while holding his five-month-old daughter. Francisco Rivera Ordóñez posted the picture of himself practising cape work with Carmen in his arms on the social media site Instagram. The Child Protection Agency in Andalucia, where the bullfighter lives, is investigating whether Mr Rivera contravened any laws protecting minors. A spokesman for the agency said: “We absolutely reject this and will gather information with a view to possibly taking action.” Under the photograph, the bullfighter wrote, “Carmen’s debut.”

I love all these fucking assholes that mess with bulls acting like nothing can go wrong. Doesnt matter if its a matador or some idiot in the Running Of The Bulls. Every time they act like theres no way anything can go wrong if you’re messing with a bull. When in reality theres a FUCKING SAYING about how messing with a bull leads directly to you getting gored by its horns. Yea, you’re a 5th generation bullfighter. Yea, I’m sure a lot of the time you can do casual bullfighting shit in your sleep. But the one day that bull is fed up now not only are you dead, but your daughter is dead too. This isnt like you took her out on a boat because your family’s hobby is fishing. This isnt even like you took her on a motorcycle or something like that where you’re still technically in control. Youre fucking with a wild bull, man. Stabbing it and shit. Basically begging it to trample and stab you and your kid. I wish that bull would kill the bullfighter and spare the little girl. Idiot.

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