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Barstool Fan Clash Trivia Takeover Is Tonight…I’m Playing 7-8pm on NFL 2015 Trivia



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So we’re doing a huge trivia night tonight with All the bloggers are on board. It’s game night at Barstool. It’s 2 bucks to play for an hour. I’m playing from 7 to 8/probably the whole night. There is a max of 1,000 signups per timeslot/hour. Basically you keep playing games with 10 questions per game. You can play as many strings as you finish in your hour timeframe. You get a different score for every 10 question game. It’s just like playing a video game. Only your highest scores matter. If you play 10 times it will take your best score from one of those ten games. It’s pretty straight forward template. You get points for speed and having the right answer. So if you got to google something you’re toast.

Prize Pool

1st $500

2nd $100

3rd $50

4-10 $25

11-50 $10

51-100 $5


Should be a pretty interesting night. Good luck competing vs. this huge brain of mine. And yes I can win prizes.


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