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The Definitive List Of Greatest Moments In WWF History

Julie DiCaro and the Cauldron were being losers again today. I fired off that tweet about the Rock shoving kids up her ass and really didnt think anything would come of it. That tweet has since been marked as hateful and deleted and I’ve been banned for 12 hours. She has deleted her entire twitter page in a dramatic ploy that makes her look like she was being harassed or something to that effect. Rather than just not go on twitter, she deletes it entirely to make a scene and then she’ll say she felt “threatened” or something ridiculous. Wash rinse repeat. These guys are so predictable its such a joke.

Anyway, thats not what this blog is about. Yes, it led to the end of my Twitter career, but more importantly it launched a nostalgia movement from Stoolies reminding us all of the absolute GREATEST moments from old school WWF. Mostly the Attitude Era. Reminding people like Julie DiCaro that the WWF has been pushing the envelope WAY farther than the Rock did last night for decades on end. Reminding us all that the WWF was the funniest form of entertainment the world has ever seen when it was at its peak. The tweets that began flying out this morning brought us back to a time when the world wasnt paralyzed by political correct nonsense. A time when the world appreciated good humor and quality writing. A time when you could watch fake scripted violence and sex for a few hours a week and actually laugh. Back when people could say “Ha Ha wow do you think they really chopped Val Venis’ dick off??” A time when people would just stand around the water cooler and say “Did Mae Young give birth to a hand last night?” When Vince McMahon built an empire upon sex and violence and in the end, and we all ended up OK. Our parents didnt have to “explain” anything to us. We just watched, laughed, cheered and SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY we ended up normal adults anyway. Crazy, I know. The best moments in WWF history:

The DX “Suck it” is right up there with the high five and fist bump as influential hand movements.

Looking back on it, The Ministry was so genuinely dark shit. The Coporate Ministry is, to this day, one of the most clever alliances they ever scripted.

Good old date rape. Got all the laughs back in 99.

LEGENDARY. No other way to put it. Val Venis getting his dick chopped off on live TV. Amazing.


This girl. FIND ME THIS GIRL. Never needed a where are they now more than with this chick. This chick was as important to my upbringing as the Wild Things Threesome. It was Girls Gone Wild meets WWF and my teenage brain and dick exploded.