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Broncos Fans Kicked Over A Porta Potty With A Patriots Fan Inside Yesterday (Insert Sad Face Emoji)





I’m pretty sure this is post-game, correct? The 300 level seats appear very empty and it seems like everyone is walking away from the stadium rather than into it. If that’s the case, whatever. In a perfect world I don’t get my portapotty tipped over but after losing the AFC Championship I’m so numb to everything I probably wouldn’t even notice. I’d crawl out of that thing covered in piss, shit, and TP and just walk away with my head down. There’s really nothing else you can do there. When you walk into an opposing stadium in your team’s jersey then you sign a social contract that you’re up for whatever. I did the same thing in Montreal a few years back when I wore a full bear costume but was smart enough to steer clear of portapottys. Emasculation after a loss is just part of the deal. Maybe you’re lucky and get to walk away telling everyone to suck your dick, maybe you get covered in bodily fluids. That’s the risk you take. I’m actually a bit jealous that this guy got to feel something again so quickly. I’m still in the “kick me, punch me, spit on me, do whatever you want to me because I’m a loser piece of shit” stage of a loss.