The Good News Is The Bears Can Get Back To The Super Bowl With One Simple Move, Fire John Fox

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Well isn’t that comforting. John Fox, Coach of our Chicago Bears, seems to be the straw that doesn’t stir the drink. Take him away from a team and boom, success. Now obviously the Panthers roster is very different than when Fox was the coach there but the Broncos are a single year removed and another Peyton Manning year on the odometer so that has to sting. Now the question is when do we fire John Fox and get our Super Bowl? 2 is more than a coincidence. Can’t wait for Adam Gase to meet Bruce Arians in a Super Bowl in like 3 years. Fuck.




The other Chicago story lines we have in this game. Ron Rivera, ’85 Bears. Peanut Tillman, a guy we all want to see win one. Von Miller, playing the last game of his career not in a Bears uniform. Jared Allen, whatever. Greg Olsen, thanks again Mike Martz! And of course Peyton Manning. Why Peyton Manning? Well Peyton Manning  because this has to be the least confidence a team has in their starting quarterback since the ’06 Bears and Rex Grossman. Even have that, “holy shit this guy is playing in a Super Bowl?” stat line from the Regular Season.



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