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The Curse Of New York City And Benedict Portnoy Begins

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I mean when you look at this logically, there’s really no other explanation than Peter Chernin murdering the Patriots. Gostowski missing kicks, Belichick coaching poorly, Brady throwing picks. Those three things dont just happen. There has to be a reason for that. And that reason is the Curse of New York City and Peter Chernin. The Wall crumbled basically as soon as Portnoy pulled the plug on Boston. I mean does Jon Snow and the Nights Watch defend the wall from the Iron Islands? Do they defend the wall frome Dorne? No. They Defend The Wall at the wall. The rise of the city of Boston and their transformation into Title Town coincided with the rise of Portnoy and Barstool Boston and now that its over it only makes sense that it all comes crashing back down. If you read the fine print of Pres’ deal with the devil, you’ll see the stipulation that the agreement is only in effect within the limits of New England. Now that the move is happening everything is null and void.

Dont worry though I’m sure after this 80, 90 something year drought there will be another guy who can sell his soul to lucifer and support his city. You guys had a good run.